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Vanessa Sky

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"I look so much prettier with a dick in my mouth" brags Vanessa Sky, a porn starlet and blowjob enthusiast. A wild, carefree soul with a hilarious personality and a bubble butt, Vanessa boasts some of her top qualities as "I'm always on time and I love eating ass," and "fucking on camera, and balancing relatively anything on my head." With skills like hers, no wonder she became a world traveler that entertains depraved souls across the globe. Vanessa jokes that at least once a month she finds herself partying in a foreign country, and if that's true, who wouldn't want to party with her?! Horny with a hot streak, this beauty masturbates to her own scenes, and with her perky tits, tight pussy, and pro level tongue skills, who can blame her? Join in with Vanessa Sky and get ready for a sexy thrill ride!

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